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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

Music- The Beatles, Three Dog Night and Grand Funk were the first bands that I noticed the drummers.
Drummer- It wasn't a drummer that got me interested in drums, it was my kindergarten teacher who told my Mom I was able to keep a solid rythem at age 5.
Person- My first drum teacher who was an old black percusionist from New Orleans. I took drum and marimba lessons from him. He wore a suit and smoked a cigar every day. There were cigar ashes in his snare head, which had actual ruffled edges! He used to have me mimic his riffs and often had me close my eyes and repeat what he played.
Style- I think I naturally play more of a jazz/blues style because of my instructor. Although I really loved Sousa marches and played in drum and bugle corp for a few years tso some of that creeps in on occasion.
Inspirations -Neil Peart mesmorizes me. I am a bit disillusioned by the emphasis on speed and power in today's music. Some of my favorite drummers to listen to are very subtle in how they demonstrate their skills. Lots of session drummers from Steely Dan, Steve Miller, Elton John have always caught my attention. Steve Smith does things that are not over the top but I also have to go back and try to figure out what he is doing.
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