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Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
It's too early in the States for that deep stuff, Grea. Let's talk coneys!
I'm thinking the hotdog/BB-Q/pizza/sausage/roast beef sandwich/steak dinner debate will go on ferever.So much the better.I welcome different takes on the basic bill of fare.

Skin or skinless hot dogs?Mustard(sorry..I have to draw the line at ketsup)prepared onions,raw onions,kraut,relish,chili,pickles.Vinegar or tomato based BB-Q sauce,or no sauce at all.Secret 20 ingredient rubs or just salt an pepper.German.Italian,Polish style sausage?

Marinated or slow cooked roast beef,Au jus or gravy?Porterhouse,Ribeye,Chuckeye,NY Strip,T-Bone,Sirloin,Fillet M,Skirt,Round,....ok I'm seriously hungry now.

Tonight..12 oz. NY Strip,rare,with sauteed onions and mushroom,baked potato,broccoli and a field greens salad with oil an vinegar.

To me it's not about the's the journey that makes it all worthwhile.:)

Steve B
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