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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Howdy everyone! I have been lurking here for a good month, and I thought it was finally time to come say hello, join the forums and introduce myself.

I started playing drums with just snare drum first. I went to a private school - so I unfortunately missed out on marching band, but I learned snare for about a year (1995). While doing that, I had a very STRONG urge to learn drumset, but my parents wanted to see me stick with learning the basics on snare first. I still remember my snare drum - $90 at a pawn shop called Cash USA in Pensacola, Fl. It was a old Slingerland 5.5 x 14 all metal snare - Remo black dot on top/unsure about bottom. I learned how to tune it, take it apart, change heads, and play half or so of the rudiments. I was 14 back then, and man was I psyched to play.

So then, a lil' band called +Live+ aired an MTV Unplugged performance in February of 1995, and I was hooked. Chad Gracey's kit was- in my 14 year old eyes - massive with a unique "triangular" tom setup I'd never seen before. I watched that performance over and over again on the VCR until the color started to flicker out and the tape would strain to even play. That was it - I was getting a drumset.

Fast-forward to about December of 2006, and some mail-order catalog somewhere had a drumset in it - a 5 piece Royce with a cymbal, hi-hat and throne for $219. I saved all my money, and finally asked my parents to order it. Well, I didn't know there was a 8 WEEK delivery wait period, and man, every single day was an eternity. I remember the day it FINALLY came in - it was in 2 boxes on the front patio, and I thought "This can't be right!!" Well, I had never put together a drumset before. Remember, my snare came complete from the pawnshop when I purchased it. I didn't know drumsets had "some assembly may be required" on them ;). None-the-less, I was completely stoked beyond words, and I put that kit together that day, and finally after over a year of anticipation, I had my first drumset :)!

So, there's the book introduction to me - long story short - I moved up to a Pearl Export kit up to summer 2001 with a beautiful set of Avedia/Z Custom Zildjians - but, well - I burned out. I ran into "that crowd" of drummers that try to one-up everything you do and would rather compete than learn from one another. It made me loathe drumming, and I sold my set out of spite and uninterest.

But that interest slowly crept back - I purchased, in 2005, a Roland TD6 VDrum set, and I was "back in" partly. I hated not having an acoustic set, but at least it was something. I played on it for about 5.5 years. Then Guitar Center had a Labor Day sale this year ... :)

GC was selling a 7 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple kit for a crazy price of $750, and since I finally was done with school (both academic and OTS) and have my own place, I said "Let's do it!" Of course, had to buy some cymbals, which I did - a A Custom Zildjian package of 14 hats, 16/18 crash, 20 ride, and an 18" Oriental China. I've added more to the kit, but I don't want to say too much - that's what the "show us your gear" thread is for :D.

So anyhoo, there's my abridged story. Here's my quick stats:

Real name -- Jeremiah
Age -- 31
How long have you been playing-- 16 years - of those, about 9 solid years, 7 on and off
Origin of user name--Always learning new things
Your top 5 drummers -- Mike Mangini, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jared Falk, Mike Portnoy, Lars Ulrich (childhood inspiration - not going to deny it)
Make of drumkit -- Gretsch Catalina Maple
Make of cymbal? -- A Customs: 14 Hihats, 16 Crash, 18 Crash, 18 Projection Crash, 20 Ride, 10 Splash; Avedis: 8 Splash, 18 China High; Sound Effects: 18 Oriental China Trash
Where do you practice? -- Drum Room
Are you in a band? -- Only with my headset/ear buds in :)
Do you play covers or originals? Rudiments/Covers/Grooves when I actually get good ;)
What style of music? If I like it, I play it
Favourite take out food? -- Arbys/Chipotle
What country do you live in? -- US
One really odd fact about yourself? -- I lead with my left hand on drums
How did you start drumming? Read my story :)
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