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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)


Yes I still have the late 50's Gold Sparkle Gretsch kit.
I actually did not strip the cocktail drum - I only took the badly unsalvagable WMP wrap off it and to do that I had to remove the center band which was rusted (the tacks) - pretty well welded - to the drum. I only managed to save 5 tacks intact haha. The center band is badly wrinkled as well. The drum is a beauty though - dispite some warts. I use it as a slim bass (14x24) / tom. I had legs and plates and even a plate next to the batter (which was missing). I mount a cowbell or two and even the Gretsch Mighty Mini snare works well there. It's a fun drum.

I did finally land another cocktail drum - picked it up Friday in Blaine Wa - it IS a three ply and it has lower end damage so I may make my Holy Grail floor tom.....= 1950's Gretsch 14" 3ply floor tom. They are scarce as hen's teeth and when you do see one come up on eBay you're looking at more than $1000 - closer to $2K. So this is my next best option.

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Kona, I must say those are terribly desired drums. You hit the jack with that Birdland type reproduction (despite the chrome hardware). Now they are orphan drums no more. I see you stripped out the cocktail drum you bought some months ago. I hope you still got those 50's gold sparkle bass drum and floor tom. Great Gretsch parafernalia. Congratulations.
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