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Default Re: Christmas has cmoe early thanks in part to DW member NerfLad

Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post

Again - 100% right - and I would expect no less a response from an artisan drum manufacturer. But put it like this - you guys are Savile Row. You're Fabergé, Morgan, Krug, Cartier, and so on. The Ludwig Acrolite is an old Willys Jeep. It's a pair of Chucks, a Zippo lighter, Ray-Bans . . . they're Levi 501s and a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's crude and oafish but then so am I and I'm sure there are many many ways I could spend my money more prudently but I love this bloody drum so much. I love it like I love my 40 year old 35mm camera, my decrepit computer, and my stinky, cowardly, parquet-floor-fearing-dumber-than-a-bag-of-sand dog.

If ever there was a contender for a catch-all, no-frills, all-rounder snare drum then surely this is it. I guess it must be the shell that gives it that killer sound because the rest of it sure ain't all that . . . but hey, it's only rock and roll . . .
Of course, you're right, & I completely respect your pov. It's actually similar to my overall vibe. I'm very forgiving of faults, in fact, it's often the faults that define character. Nor am I a gear snob, far from it. I see great stuff at almost every price level. What get's up my nose is a manufacturer who knows they are putting out substandard gear, know that their customer's realise this too, yet consistently do nothing about it over a long period. That shows a level of contempt & distain that grates inside me.

Anyhow, much more importantly, you're enjoying your instrument, & that makes me happy. I only zero'd in on the fault stuff because you highlighted it. Again, the impressive element here, is one forum member helping out another, & that's cooler than any drum :)
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