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Default Re: Christmas has cmoe early thanks in part to DW member NerfLad

Originally Posted by NerfLad View Post
Thanks for the kind words BTC. (he sent me a PM too!)

I'm definitely thinking of getting a 6.5 myself :)
You are most welcome, Squire: thanks again for the tip and of course you should have this drum in your life.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
That is a new drum and has rust on it??? What is that about? I think an email to the shop in the US is in order.
Well, yes, in principle you're dead right - but to be fair we're talking about a few millimetres where the chrome has flaked off the underside of the hoop and I wouldn't have expected the shop to have seen that as it came to me in the factory packaging and was presumably ready-assembled. Either way, to send it back would mean it going to either Illinois or North Carolina and that's just too much arseache for me considering I'm pretty stoked with the thing overall.

Besides, the fact that the Acrolite is and always has been somewhat unsophisticated and utilitarian is kind of why I wanted one in the first place. For the last couple of years my only snare has been an Akira Jimbo model which I love but signs of wear on the wooden batter hoop and the fact that Yamaha have decided to stop making it made me slightly paranoid about breaking it or something [I know - psychotic, isn't it?]. What's great about the Acrolite is that (a) it sounds astonishingly good despite it's Fisher Price design and (b) I'll never ever worry about dropping this one down a flight of stairs [not that I would - but you know what I mean].

Which leads me onto . . .

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ludwig, really, I think some of your stuff is great, but this list of faults, irrespective of price, is seriously taking the p&$$ out of your customers
Again - 100% right - and I would expect no less a response from an artisan drum manufacturer. But put it like this - you guys are Savile Row. You're Fabergé, Morgan, Krug, Cartier, and so on. The Ludwig Acrolite is an old Willys Jeep. It's a pair of Chucks, a Zippo lighter, Ray-Bans . . . they're Levi 501s and a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's crude and oafish but then so am I and I'm sure there are many many ways I could spend my money more prudently but I love this bloody drum so much. I love it like I love my 40 year old 35mm camera, my decrepit computer, and my stinky, cowardly, parquet-floor-fearing-dumber-than-a-bag-of-sand dog.

If ever there was a contender for a catch-all, no-frills, all-rounder snare drum then surely this is it. I guess it must be the shell that gives it that killer sound because the rest of it sure ain't all that . . . but hey, it's only rock and roll . . .
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