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Default Re: Christmas has come early thanks in part to DW member NerfLad

Originally Posted by Bad Tempered Clavier View Post
in places the build quality is appalling [small patch of rust under the batter hoop, worst snare butt-plate ever, and the good-old P85
Well done Nerf, it's a great to help other members out. Kudos to you.

But Ludwig, really, I think some of your stuff is great, but this list of faults, irrespective of price, is seriously taking the p&$$ out of your customers. Add to that, the totally unheard of lug splay too, I mean, come on guys! If you carry on like this, there will come a time when the strength of your brand name won't be enough anymore. I'm saying this, because I'd be delighted to see a strong Ludwig that actually consistently provided good products. Rust, splay, crappy hardware - really, stop it!

BTC, congratulations mate. Seriously, I'm glad you like your drum & it's doing it for you. I'm the most impressed by Nerf's actions though. Great to hear :)
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