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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
Not really, it's genre-happy prog rock. It seems like you're willing to give legitimacy to modern fusion as a genre (when it really is an amalgam of 70s fusion, jazz, latin and 80s AOR rock/pop) yet you won't extend the same to modern "prog-revival" music (which is an amalgam of 80s metal and 70s prog, mainstream rock and fusion). Dream Theater have a very clear identity - they rip off Rush about 80% of the time, and a combination of 80s and 90s metal and alt-rock acts (Pantera, Tool, Rage Against The Machine etc) the other 20% of the time.

I don't see how you can have respect for one as a unique style yet critique the other as suffering from an identity crisis. I think they're both suffering from one, being as fusion doesn't fuse styles anymore and prog isn't progressive. But you seem to disagree with one while asserting the other, which is just odd.
Eh, I don't disrespect either. Please don't put words in my mouth. I PREFER one over the other, because I feel its more true to the pure form of musicality, while the other adds an element of popular music to it, and, as already established, I don't particularly care for pop-music.

The part where you say they are 20% Pantera/Tool/Rage (although they've been around longer than Tool and Rage) is exactly why I don't like them as much. Its that 20% (dare I say sell-out?) that seems like a concerted effort to be more popular, rather than be more gooder (my word!).

My point is I prefer the purists to the popularists is all. Completely 100% my opinion and perrogative. Your disagreement is kinda silly. Its like me saying I like Green Day, then you saying they are just a ripoff of 70s and 80s punk. Well, yeah, so. I still like it. (hypothetically speaking, of course).

I think we killed the whole "fusion sucks and is nothing more than crappy porn music" thread elsewhere.
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