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Originally Posted by ZTruax24 View Post
Why exactly do drummers change all the stock heads and cymbals? a drummer, i was trying to explain it to my parents with getting a new set and they dont understand.
I don't change the heads, I use them till I need to change them (as I don't have the cash) and while I get used to the new drums. If I change kits and have decent heads on the older one, I might swap them over.

The cymbals however are more "I like these ones, because I like them. They are MY sound." If I were to get a new kit and it came with a set, I'd try them out, see if there's a couple I like and sell the rest (or if they aren't too bad keep them for "just in case").

I had the stock heads (Remo UX) on My kit for ages... they weren't too bad. And I would still have the "stock" cymbals (Paiste PST3) now had they not been stolen.
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