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Default Christmas has come early thanks in part to DW member NerfLad

Having seen this thread about the reissue Blue/Olive Acrolites posted by NerfLad I did some digging around and realised that they were going for a lot less in the US than in the UK so I thought why the bloody hell not? The reissue 405 which I bought from a shop in Illinois was - I swear to Gadd - half the price for what shops in London were selling them. Even after postage, import VAT, and some pikey "clearance fee" that the Post Office charged me, the whole thing worked out as about 70% of London prices. It was also about 17.5% less than what a standard 405 Blacrolite costs over here.

Anyway, it finally arrived today and Chuffing Nora do I like this snare: I mean, sure, it's probably the ugliest drum you're likely to see (though perhaps prettier than the Blacrolite) and in places the build quality is appalling [small patch of rust under the batter hoop, worst snare butt-plate ever, and the good-old P85 (YAY . . . BOO . . . YAY . . . BOO . . . etc)], but even with the stock Ludwig heads (again, not the best I've seen) this snare is so lively. I don't have any microphones in my house other than on my phone so I can't really convey the sound that this thing makes, but it's along the lines of BAM BAM RATARATARATARATARATARATARATARATARATARATA CRANNNNNNGGGG KAPOW!

So three cheers to the eagle-eyed NerfLad and to the good old Acro.

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