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Thank you Abby,

i knew i could count on you. i have indeed been considering the CS Black Dot as my next purchase. i have been thinking that since it is the sound of the 70's that i may as well go straight to the source. i appreciate your faith in my tuning abilities. i have gotten better over the years (as one does), but i must admit that the snare drum still baffles me.

the Evans Power Center also sounded very good on the snares at Sam Ash. there was a bank of about 15 snares, about half of which were covered in Power Centers. they all sounded good. tuned loose, high and medium...even untuned to any degree they sounded good. i may have to revisit them. i had an Evans HD on the snare at the time, which i was pretty pleased with. then i tried the Aquarian.

i may have to try the G14 as well.

my sticks are Ahead XL Rock Concerts. XL Rock Concert (SST) 16.75" w/.620" Diameter (79 grams).

they are a little too long and a little too heavy not very balanced. i think next time i will try either the XL Rock Studio which are XL Rock Studio (SST) 16.25" w/.620" Diameter (77 grams) or the 5AB Hybrid Concerts which are 5ABC HYBRID-CONCERT 5B-Handle 5A-Shaft (MT) 16.25" (54 grams).

my last stick was the 5ABS, HYBRID-STUDIO 5B-Handle 5A-Shaft (MT) 16.00" (53 grams) which i loved. they were very well balanced, but i wanted something a little longer and a little fatter.

all Ahead Sticks are .595 except the XL Rocks. so i'll keep going until i zero in on what i need.

regarding my stroke...i've never had any complaints....but seriously. very good advice Abby, one can always improve on stroke. and the Jeff Beck clip was right on time. i'm building a Strat now and that particular JB Strat was one of the ones i studied (amongst about 30 other of my favorite Strats). it was an apt time to revisit that one. side note: when i was 15, i had a poster on my wall of that particular session.
side note two: the vocalist Bob Tench is also an accomplished guitarist and played one of my favorite solos: on Van Morrison's "Wavelength".



- Witless
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