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Originally Posted by drstrangefunk View Post
Dear Abby,

i like heavy drumsticks, but they dent my snare heads. they work fine for toms, but my snare heads are regularly the recipients of palm sized craters. this happens with Coated Ambassadors and Clear Aquarian Studio X. i love the Studio X, but may need a heavier head. i will definitely try a little bit lighter stick, but i don't want to give up heavier sticks in general, because i like when it goes BOOM !!!!

can you suggest something Abby ? i'm at my wit's end.

- At Wit's End
Abby's not home!

What size(s) sticks are you using? If you're not denting the toms then you're not hitting them hard enough. A backbeat on the snare in most music is typically hit harder it the backbeat that's denting the head? I'd try a reinforced cs/black dot head on the snare and expect the trade-off in nuance when playing other patterns on the snare.
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