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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Dunc, I did read something that you'd burn up if you jumped off a space station because it's orbiting at speed but I guess intuitively I just feel that if you're zooming through the atmosphere you're supposed to burn up like asteroids.

On a more personal note, a couple of days in hospital - tons of tests - and it's all good news! Almost certainly fractured ribs (as opposed to cancers, blood clots, TB, leprosy, alien parasites etc) ... and the emphysema is very early stage and not as big a deal as first intimated (as long as I behave).

But ... I can't play drums for however long it takes fractured ribs to heal while lungs do a post quitting cleanout. So I was doing some primitive practice LH push-pulls on a pad during The Simpsons ...

Homer was forced to be a missionary and at the end of his sermon it was question time. A native sheepishly asks, “But if God is all powerful, why would he care if we worship him or not?”.

Homer replied: “Umm ... because he is not only incredibly powerful, but he’s also insecure ... like, um, Barbra Streisand ...”

My ribs hurt then too!
Ribs ??????

what did you do to your ribs ?
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