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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
That's another thing as well as the friction. I would have thought he'd end up as radioactive toast plummeting in flames towards earth. Must be an amazing space suit!
It doesn't have to be particularly heat proof.

Most of the heat that's generated during atmospheric re-entry is as a result of the angle of re-entry and the sheer speed that the craft is travelling at. In this instance, he was jumping from a (relatively) static platform, i.e. straight down. Atmospheric re-entry from a space vehicle is always at an angle that means that they actually have to pass through an awful lot more atmosphere at a higher speed (due to orbit).

It does provoke a question though. Is atmospheric re-entry from low-Earth orbit without a vehicle technically possible? Certainly in many respects it is but heat shielding is the big issue.
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