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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Ah, that's different. Correcting that is like spelling Slade's Goodbuy T'Jane as "Goodbye To Jane". With titles you have to keep the quirky errors :)

Latest development in house fixing ... almost all the carpet (with evil-smelling decomposing underlay) in the house has been ripped out.

When I'm healthy enough to play again I shudder to think of how loud the drums will be. I need mats - lots of mats
Pol...make sure there's no residual mold in the wood.I f you can afford it,sand and seal the floors with polyurathane,and just use area rugs.

If you need some ideas concerning soundproofing,drummer Mike Johnston has some vids on his youtube channel using inexpensive acoustic foam panel boxes,that he used in his drum room.Very cool stuff.

I hope you're doing well with the smoking.Whenever you get the urge,just go up and down some stairs till it goes away.The cravings usually only last 30-60 seconds,which does feel like an eternity I know.Cheers.:)

Steve B
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