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Hi! I'm a Green Day fan and listen to the band everyday.
This is my thoughts:
Green Day play very simple music, we all know that! Still the music is very good and loved by many.
There are many good drummers around the world that play the drums - and just play. They make some cool fill inns and so on... wow…
I think Tré has come to the point that: "why make such a deal of it?"
If you listen to the music, you hear that Tré builds up his comps simple, often after the song. It sounds really good when the guys play together. And I think when you have come to that point where you play easy and make good music; it’s one way of being a perfect musician. I play a lot to Green Day's music and I know that if the comps had been too difficult I hadn't been such a Green Day-fan.
Not only is Tré a drummer, he's a very good artist too! You can’t sit there behind the drums and just play!
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