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Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
I've never really gotten Pornoy. Its probably more a 'taste' issue with me. Also, as a fusion purist, I don't really get into the rockprogification (my word) of fusion. In otherwords, bands that incorporate fusion elements and chops, but try to make it somehow more standard rock sounding, to appeal to a broader listening audience. For me, its all or nothing. Either you are a rock band or you are a fusion band. The inbetween stuff is just really neither of each.
How do you figure that prog is borrowing from fusion more than the opposite is true? Billy Cobham was certainly influential for many of the fathers of modern prog drumming, but equally I don't think there's a lot of fusion drummers who aren't borrowing a few things from the likes of Bill Bruford on a regular basis. And they all borrow from the likes of Buddy Rich, Tony Williams and Elvin Jones.

You seem to feel that fusion is this source of all choppy musicianship and that other styles are just riding their coattails. Modern fusion chops are a combination of the paradiddle stuff made popular by both Bruford and Cobham, jazz drumming and afro-cuban material. It's quite easy to argue that modern prog is born of the same roots and therefore is no less valid in any way. It would be quite easy to argue that fusion is just pornificiation (my word!) of jazz and prog chops.
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