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real name? Antonio Mendez
age? 22
how long been playing? About 4 years
origin of user name? I love all the Resident Evil Series, so I created that nickname for my MSN and... well that's it...
top 5 drummers? Mike Portnoy...(who else :p), Tommy Portimo, Lars Ulrich, Jörg Michael, Joey Jordison
make of drumkit? TAMA
make of cymbal? Zildjian
where do you practice? I used to practice in a garage... where my band used to practice
are you in a band/s? Yup, I'ts called Absuss
covers or originals?.. Till' now, covers... more especifically Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Mago de Oz
what style of music? Progressive Metal
favourite take out food? Pizza
country? Mexico
one really odd fact about yourself?... mmmm
how did you start drumming? Well my brother an cousins, where making a band... a ... mmm punk, hardcore band..and.. they needed a drummer, so i start drumming and turn the band into a heavy progresive metal band....

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