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Originally Posted by drstrangefunk View Post
... certain sins of omission. not sure if the correct number is 9,999 whacks or 1 whack. but then...i'm not in a position to know such things am i ?
Not just yet, Doc ... I still think 9,999 was more fun :)P

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Lady Gaga is another. She's crazy-talented but she wears the mantle for the average "pop star," when nothing could be further from the truth.
Yep, another songwriter and musician with a real voice under the production.

If they were born in another era, they would have probably been great (to my ear, anyway). It's just that it seems to be compulsory for today's producers to back vocalists with cheap, easy and - this is the kicker - hip drum machine/sequencers.

It makes you wonder, if machines are hipper than people then (you can probably guess the link).
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