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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Of course there's an afterlife - it's "after life", ie. death :)

Currently looking at a doco about Justin Bieber. Obviously I'm about 40 years too old to get into his music but he really is a highly talented kid and most of what's said about him is BS. who gets way more unjustified insults online than he deserves. It's a shame that he, as a drummer, doesn't demand to have real drums on his recordings.
I have to admire a guy who yacks at work, cleans up and keeps going. I think he kept going anyway. Needless to say, barfing on stage has to be an award of some type. Go JB.
"I said, "I'm crazy ma, help me." She said, "I know how it feels son, 'Cause it runs in the family."
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