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Originally Posted by Spesman View Post
Does it really matter who gets in power?
Sure does. Every country that's voted in a religious fundamentalist has gorn dowwwn.

Their problem is that big biz pull the strings but the politicians dare not fess up to their impotence or their masters will punish them. They're compromised.

That's what happened to Peter Garrett, who was sacked after his successful pink bats program was attacked due to some contractors who ignored basic OH&S and died. Many months later we find out that the death rate was actually lower than usual, but that revelation was not widely reported and made no difference to public perception. The media did a major hatchet job on him.

Globalisation gave multinats (including the church) much more power and they naturally benefit more from economically right wing parties and this has pushed all parties to the right. The trouble is that the most pro-biz parties have inherited conservatism, which is a problem in a rapidly changing world. (There is no reason why right wingers should be conservative, in fact quite the contrary - they should be daring risk takers and entrepreneurs and champions of personal freedom).

I've always sided with progressivism but it has to be tempered - last thing you want is to go half cocked into activities that have barely emerged from beta testing and will need a whole bunch of patches. However, some of these debates have gone around in circles for decades and are, to push the analogy, more patch than app ...
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