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Originally Posted by Spesman View Post
^^^ Personally I think Tony Abbott has a secret crush on Julia. It would explain a lot. hehe
Ha - it probably would, although her long term relationship with Tim Mathieson suggests that she would be too lacking in hymens to please Mr Budgie Smuggler.

Hymn to a Hymen

Oh hymen, you are so fresh
That I don't mind you being in a bag of flesh
I want you all to myself so I can say
I'm an alpha male and the first you did lay.

But hymen my darling when you are gone
The entire woman seems terribly wrong.
That's okay - it's how things are in this life
Now I'll find me another wife ...

With a ...


Hymen, hymen
You weren't lost on a fireman
Hymen hymen
It's a bugger for rhymin'
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