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Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
It was a test in every department but many tears, long conversations and a stretch of sleepless nights and endless days yielding sizable weight loss is what it amounted to.
Brutal. I found the waiting period quite surreal, as though the ground had been pulled from under me.

A hard way but effective way to lose weight :)

Australia is going crazy. A lead news story about a politician in trouble for describing female genitalia in uncomplimentary terms in a private text to one of his staff (it came to light in a court case). Talk about thought police!

But that is not the end of Australian's derangement, now there's a big story about a Twitter entry from the wife of the Deputy Premier of the state where she berated another politician who had voted against sacking the guy for his private message.

She said "God will not be mocked!". I'm not kidding. I'm an agnostic who has often made fun of religious superstition, but I couldn't be as arrogant and blasphemous as this woman if I tried. A microscopic idiot speck of a human being claims to clearly know the mind of a deity who is infinite and eternal.

What on earth is happening to people's minds these days? Why are so many people fleeing from logic??

Myself, I am arrogant enough to consider myself mistress and quasi-deity to my cells, and I'm cool if cell #13,325,484,351,236,537 (located in the little toe on my hi hat foot) wants to say nasty things about the cluster of cells that make up my nether regions.

Nor do I mind if that cell mocks me (get in line, kid), just as long as it's a good team player and doesn't form a cancerous mutiny ... I want my cells to make love, not war.
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