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Default Mounted tambourine/cowbell placement and why?

If you use them, where do you mount your tambourine and/or cowbell?

I recently started using a mounted tambourine and cowbell combo for a couple of new songs in my playlist. I've tried positioning the tamb/cowbell mount where I've seen many other drummers put such items, near the hi-hat, above my rack toms, and other areas on the left half of my kit.

I have standard 5-piece kit with slightly off-set rack toms, both mounted on a stand over the left half of the bass drum. I found tamb/cowbell mount positions on the left-side awkward or crowded. I found that placing the tamb/cowbell mount to the right of my ride cymbal and just above my floor tom to be most comfortable. So that very well may be where I leave it, that area feels good to me. However, I've not noticed any other drummers mounting a tambourine or cowbell there.

So my question to those that have such items, where do you mount them? Why? Where else have you tried to mount them?

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