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Default Re: Random Thoughts

This may sound like a left field approach, Grea but it does relate to associative memory.

If you have to remember something important go and put on some perfume. Pick a specific perfume and maybe even write down which one it was you used. When you have to recall that particular piece of information, wear the same perfume.

Sounds odd? Well, apparently it works. I can't remember the studies (I read them eight years ago when I was but a wee lad) but it's a good trick that I learned when I was studying Psychology. Came in useful during exam time, too. This also works with sound and perhaps even feel. Have a nice cashmere jumper handy and you can always justify the purchase as your 'memory jumper'.

As for short-term memory, mine is severely limited (compared to the rest of it anyhow, which is not-quite eidetic) so I understand your pain!
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