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Default Re: show off your snare

My old/new collection :

CUSTOM YELLOW COPPER 14x5.5 (1 mm shell) Assembled in France

MING FULL CARBON 14X6 (1.2mm shell)

GRETSH FULL RANGE Retro Mahogany (6 ply) 13X7

DRUMCRAFT SERIE 8 ALUMINIUM DieCast SHELL 14X5 (5mm diecast shell)

REMO GOLD CROWN 14X6 ADV. ACOUSTICON Made in USA (solid fiberwood shell)

GRETSH USA Maple Jasper Shell 14X7 Made in USA (6 ply Gumwood and Maple)

PEARL BLACK BRASS limited Edition 14X6.5 (1.2 mm brass)

PEARL MMX Maple Sparkle 14X6 (Maple shell)

PREMIER NEW XPK Maple 14X5.5 (7 Ply Maple shell).5

SALMIERI Prodipe SAPELI 14X5.5 (Sapeli African wood, 5 ply)

TAMA STARCLASSIC Maple 14x6.5 (USA Maple with reinforcement rings) made in JAPAN

TAMA SUPERSTAR Birch 14X5.5 (Birch wood)

TAMBURO OPERA Black Satin 14X5 made in Italy (Stave USA Maple Wood)


TAMBURO OPERA Zebrawood Maple 14X6.5 Made in Italy (Stave USA Maple Wood)

TAMBURO Formula Maple 14X5.5 (USA Maple Shell)

PEARL CLASSIC African Mahogany Limited Edition 14X6.5 (African Mahogany wood)

LUDWIG Black Beauty 14X5 (single sheet brass shell)

PREMIER Signia Marquis Maple (Laminated 7 Ply USA Maple)
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