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To use Abe's term - OSSUM! You guys are great :)

Henri and Uncle Ghee - get real! Who ever heard of a Scot named Colin for goodness sake. It's like a Brit named Andrew or an American called Larry ...

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Maybe we can give up the smokes together? It's got to happen - double bugger, my little enjoyments slipping off the shelf one by one.
You'll need to hurry, Andy, I'm on day two. It's not difficult after a scare and being immediately punished for any smoking with something like an asthma attack.

So true about losing enjoyments. One by one the frailty of age pushes us into an increasingly monastic lifestyle. In an interview George Carlin said he smokes Js about once a month, which he uses to add zip to the sketches he wrote straight in the previous 30 days. Sounds like a plan to me, once I have an extended break to get healthy again.

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
The COPD diagnosis I can tell you isn't the best news in the world,but ... great news on the tests,now you really have to do it.

... If you want,we can set up some kind of phone hotline.When ever you have the urge,call someone up.I'll volunteer.
Exactly Steve - rather the Big E than the Big C. At least I have a chance to repent.

Thanks heaps for the offer - way above and beyond the call of duty! It's easy for now but I'll be appreciative of any DW friends PMing me their ph no should I mend enough (and get stupid enough) to be tempted again. I will definitely check the World Clock before making any calls :)

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
Quitting smoking was something I did a long time ago. For whatever reason, it wasn't that hard for me. Just my personal body chemistry, I guess. I was lucky. For some, it's next-to-impossible.
Yep, genetics plays a major role (doc told me genetics affects the predisposition for emphysema too)

That article inspired this cartoon ...

Originally Posted by BacteriumFendYoke View Post
My own prognosis isn't so good at the moment. I'm having another acute episode of my long-term condition (some of you know what it is, I'm not one to share too easily) and I've been having a lot of thoughts about the finalities. Needless to say there is no immediate danger to my life or any terminal illness (fortunately) but I'm not sure I can see many lights or even any tunnels to be honest.
Thanks Duncan (and Henri's +1). Very encouraging words!

Sorry to hear about another damn episode. I've had it bad in my time and it can be brutal. This will seem ridiculously pat but over time I've come to the conclusion that the best thing for most conditions is activity and exercise. The drum show will qualify as the former and if you jam enough there you'll get some the latter ...

Originally Posted by drstrangefunk View Post
glad you're cancer free.

yup gotta get rid of the carpet. it should have been the first thing to go.
Ta UG. I know about the carpet now (though in this case the cornices near the bedrooms were festering. I'd start tearing the carpet up today if my rib didn't hurt so much. There's a one inch diameter hole in a bedroom floor (knot in the wood) and underneath appears to be the bowels of the earth - not sealed at all. Is that normal?

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
The wait must of been / is horrible. 24 hours must of felt like 24 months.

I went through a 3 week period with my wife where we were told to prepare for the worst news and though it was incredibly serious, was not cancer either.

Infected rib?? Ouch..... Get on the mends soon with that.

Whatever proactive steps you can help yourself with re: emphysema and COPD.

Seems like the 40's and 50's are tough. I'm more than 1/2 way through the forties and they've been noticeably more challenging than the 30's.
David, three weeks ... my 11-odd waking hours were nothing by comparison. That sounds like a test of mental strength. How'd you and your partner handle it?

When my time comes (in 25 years+!!) I now know how I'll react - back to before the big bang and the likely connection with the mysteries of consciousness. I'd much rather chase the nature of reality (actual reality, which is not limited to 4 dimensions, not matter how much it seems that way in our little lives).

About 5 yrs ago a friend died of lung cancer in his early 50s (he'd been smoke free for over a decade). He was obsessed with the cancer, entirely lost his SOH and was extremely morose seemingly constantly (he always had an Eyeore-esque personality but ...)

After some depressing visits I couldn't bring myself to visit him for months, and then he was dead. I felt really guilty but it taught me a valuable lesson - I resolved to do my best to wear my death lightly when the time comes - to be a fun future corpse that people will enjoy visiting :)

I got my crises out of the way in my 30s, so the 40s treated me well. It seems that, if you've been naughty, it comes home to roost in the 50s. That's when people start falling off the perch.

You're right about the rib. Everyone says how much they hurt and I can confirm!

Thanks again guys - very uplifting!

// end War & Peace (for now)

Edit: and Bon - we posted simultaneously.
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