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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Thanks David!

I was ten minutes too late for the scan the other day so I had to sweat it for an evening, wondering what my prognosis would be.

I spent it trying to work out how to get my mess (aka affairs) in order and thinking existential thoughts (watching this video, even if I only understood a bit of it). Certainly better than fretting, though my sister's death earlier this year really brought home my mortality. It was a delicate balancing act getting myself into a headspace where I felt I could be accepting and calm in the face of the worst news, while avoiding fretting.

So I go for the test and took the scans to the doc. He thought it looked okay but called the specialist at the scan centre on speakerphone for confirmation ... then I heard the specialist say the magic words "Definitely no cancer" and I went "YESS!!" with a double fist pump. The doc was amused.

I always imagined that it would take a scare to get me to stop smoking (everything) and I hoped it was of the kind that would give me a second chance.

The emphysema is a bit scary but I'd much rather a problem that required caution (have to watch out for traffic fume and particulates in the air at home) and exercise to chemo and the horrible cancer treadmill that turns people's lives upsidedown.

Also have a severely infected rib injury from the coughing that hurts like hell (can't play, or even set up the kit at the moment) - just waiting for the megadose of antibiotics to do its job and for the rib injury to heal. Keen to clear the rest of the carpet out of the house because the mould in it was a big part of the problem.

It's sooo great being in my 50s (not). They say that the 40 is the old age of youth and the 50s in the youth of old age. Seems about right so far ...
glad you're cancer free.

yup gotta get rid of the carpet. it should have been the first thing to go.

flood victims experience the same sort of thing. everything below the water line must go (mold, whatever-the-heck-else was in that water). dry wall is cut off at the water line and replaced as is flooring and all household items below the water line. if not, mold just keeps coming back. cleaning with bleach usually does not work. it just keeps coming back.

we had a major flood here back in 1999. we were spared, but 900 ft. in either direction was a major disaster.
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