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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I don't have lung cancer - yaaayyy! Still hafta quit everything, though - COPD and emphysema :(

If my next home recording is a straight pop song with no psychedelic or crazy parts, please shoot me!
Glad to hear that Pol.The COPD diagnosis I can tell you isn't the best news in the world,but with bronciodialators,exercise and diet it is arrestable.

I still love eating cheese,but I just have to eat a lot less of it because it creates mucus.I also don't miss the coughing fits,especially in the morning.Food also tastes much better,and I have a few extra buck in my pocket for.......stuff.

When I frst quit,I had a large jar that I put money in every day,that I would ordnarily spend on smokes.I did it for a year and only occasionally took a few dollars out.Thanks to outragious NY City taxes on cigarettes,I had saved up around 3,500 bucks.In NY,smokes are 10 dollars a pack.

Anyway..great news on the tests,now you really have to do it.I know it's tough.One of the most difficult things you'll ever do is kicking the addiction to nicotine.But your body is trying to tell you something.COPD....cracked rib.Hell If you want,we can set up some kind of phone hotline.When ever you have the urge,call someone up.I'll volunteer.

Some things you just can't do alone,and nothing wrong with having a support group.Cheers

Steve B
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