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Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
He handed me a medical info sheet and mentioned the possibility that it was "pre-cancerous," which is not any kind of life-threatening diagnosis but I must admit shook me a little. I had to wait a couple weeks but it turned out to be nothing at all. That's not a fun wait, is it.
I thought one night of existential wondering was enough - 2 weeks of it sounds harsh. Did you get your affairs in order.

Not rapt in having the "pre-cancerous" label attached either - it would makes me feel like my body was in the mood for playing cancer.

Having said that, between the hot sun and weakened ozone layer in Oz people get skin cancers cut out all the time without major drama but others aren't so lucky.

Originally Posted by drstrangefunk View Post
Enrique ? Herschel ? Malik ? Phillipe ? Nigel ?

c'mon, tell me !!!!
I'll give you a hint - it's not Ahmed, Arnold or Vlad, but another common Scottish name ...
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