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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

(October 9th)

As you can see, first I cut out the UFIP bell a bit larger but then trimmed it down a bit, for cosmetics. Still a useable bell but one of those 'shrieking' ones with lots of harmonics.
Cut down the Paiste 2000 crash to 12'' but then decided to ozone-ify it.

The Zultan... had 2 cracks. Luckily their placement allowed for a 3-hole configuration to get rid of the cracks, plus the dysbalance of the cymbal got much better by drilling those holes. It crashes up nicely now. When cutting out the holes (Dremel tool with small cutting disk) I did straight cuts as you can see in the pic, later sanded it with a drill plus sanding bit. Actually as one of the holes was just marginally larger than the (main) crack that cut-out piece fell apart by itself, haha. On one of the other cut-out pieces you can see where I've marked the 2nd/smaller crack.

Oops... That's the double pedal below the PC desk ;-)

The Paiste 2000 crash as 12'' splash, plus the hole markings. The holes are a bit large in diameter in relation to the overall diameter but I thought that would be ok, plus I had a solder reel holder at hand which could be used to do the markings.

- - - - - -

Today's result of modding those 1x Paiste, 1x Sabian China, 2x Zildjian cymbals.

The Zildjian bells turned out as massive as I thought - they're just 1 semitone apart, with the bigger bell (from the 18'' crsh) being the _lower_ one in pitch! They have a crystal clear, glassy and cutting sound with more than enough harmonics. (I'm imagining the 2 Zildjian ZBT rides I had - see very first post of this thread - but sold them - would have made brutal bells.) Those new Zildjian bells overlap in pitch with other bells I have. But their rich harmonics are a nice addition as I don't have bells with the same pitch _and_ those super rich harmonics so I'm glad having them to create new bell groups.

The Paiste (brass) was weird to cut... When I was cutting it all of a sudden the cymbal 'flipped' when I got near the crack. Then a few seconds later it flipped again... man those Paiste brass cymbals do have some tension going on, haha.

On the bottom pic of the China you see the initial markings I did for the bell. Later I decided to make it a splash. The markings got off during polishing.

The last 2 pics are just for parade. (That Sabian XS20 was cut down to get rid of a crack.)

- - - - - -

The same 4 cymbals, with before/after pics. The labels don't always line up perfectly as you can see. I did try to stick to keeping them in a 'correct' position. On one of the Z's the logo is quite off compared to the top logo.

The Paiste bell has a tiny crack in the rim but it has no effect so I don't care. The bell does sound ok but I have better ones.
Oh boy, I just noticed... On the 'after' pic, the Paiste rim is flipped, haha. In the top row you see how the Paiste top looks like. On the 'after' pics I messed up the top and bottom ;-)

The Sabian Chinese - I made a splash instead of a bell - is actually crashable/trashable, not very loud but still has that Chinese sound to it. So it seems Chinese bells/splashes do need some diameter to work. The Chinese has quite thin material, too. This Chinese splash is a perfect fit to that crappy Platin bell and the other Chinese bell I have. Those in themselves were rather disappointing to me but in combination with the new Chinese splash they make sense. I'm looking forward to modding more (cracked) Chinese cymbals, haha.

As said in a previous post, on the 2 Zildjians I went for reasonable bell dimensions. On one bell there's a tiny trace of the crack so if I cut out another 1 mm there would be nothing left but it's no prob as is, it's almost invisible. So apart from the China the bells are actually the only reasonable mod I could do.

- - - - - -

Let's get ready to rumble! --- The tools I used. There's a new cutting disk on the workbench - that's the original size. The one attached to the Dremel is what was left when I was done with all the cutting.

Middle row: Those 3 new bells (Paiste, 2x Z's) plus the China splash. I had to remove one threaded rod as the China splash dimensions were a bit too large to accomodate that splash on the regular 5-way holder.

Bottom row: The 'China setup'. That (Meinl?) China bell, that cheapo Platin which seems to work fine in a China context, and the newest addition, the AAX China splash. On the China splash the Sabian logo came off during polishing but I left that label reading 'Mini Chinese 14''/36 cm'.

Those 4 cymbals ran me a whopping 1.50 Euros, haha! Plus a couple hours of work: guessing/from memory: 10-15 minutes cutting, 15 minutes at the sanding machine, some 40 minutes for reworking the edges, 30 minutes for polishing, another 30 minutes for cleanup and protection. That's around 2 hours. Maybe it was a bit more overall. [Honestly yes - when it comes to polishing/cleaning up I was washing my hands often. The polishing paste I'm using smells and makes my fingers turn black instantly - don't want to use gloves though. So for the cleanup it's basically a must to wash one's hands every 5-10 minutes.]

[===End of copied posts.===]

What a pity I don't know how to properly line up pics within a post to have text - pics - text - pics etc. So you have to figure out wich info refers to which pic.

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