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Default Re: For you Vinnie II

Yeah, these are fantastic performances. This stuff is really in Vinnie's wheelhouse and he just shines. The blend of groove, creativity, emotion and technique is stunning. There are only a few players who can blend all of those elements like Vinnie does. Like Gadd, Vinnie can completely immerse himself in the emotion of it all without losing the groove or letting it fall apart. Dig the way in the second clip he's rocking back and forth to the beat on his throne.

By the way, as far as I'm concerned, this is a great example of how playing for the music needn't mean just a money beat. What Vinnie is playing is filled with notes, but the music needs exactly the dynamics, color and lift he provides here. All the explorations the musicians are doing here would go nowhere without Vinnie's relentless creativity.
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