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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name: Alex Kohl

Age: 17

How long have you been playing: Now it's about 6 years.

Your top 5 drummers: Ian Paice, John Bonham, John Fred Young, Michael Cartellone, Robert Burns

Make of drumkit: Pearl (I play Pearl Vision VLX 905 C 231 in Black Fade)

Make of cymbal: Meinl (MB10 Medium Series)

Where do you practice: In my room, practice room of my band.
Are you in a band: Yes. We are called ADONEY. We do some Hardrock with Southern Rock influences. Or check out our own homepage (german only)

Do you play covers or originals: We write our own songs.

What style of music: Hardrock with influences of Blues, Southern Rock and Rock 'n' Roll.

Favourite take out food: I love Burgerking, McDonalds, Subway and all that stuff.

What country do you live in: Germany

One really odd fact about yourself: I can make my elbows click really loudly.

How did you start drumming: When I was a young baby (about 2 weeks old) and I started to crie my father always took me and listened to DEEP PURPLE with me... When I got older he always told me some stories about DEEP PURPLE and the drummer, Ian Paice. And when I was 11 years old I said to my daddy "Hey, dad. I wanna do this, too!" and then I started drumming in a music school. Broke up there and went to another music school with another drum teacher to get more technics and a bigger mind. It helps a lot when you change your teachers!

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