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Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
At lessons this week I was feeling lousy so my teacher prescribed exactly the same thing...lots of doubles exercises on the practice pad :). Must be the universal dosage for under the weather
Moderate tempo doubles are relaxing - they feel smoother on the hands than singles and you don't have to think.

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I laughed out loud when I read this. Because it could be true. So ridiculous, and yet such a "human" thing to do, connecting those dots and attributing evil to something like the left hand. I'm sure you're right.
Yeah, it's not easy to love a left hand with that job description!

What got me thinking about it is the old Middle Eastern edict about pork being unclean - it was parasites. Something unhealthy was going on with shellfish too.

I'm guessing the especially strict edict against gays is because the Jews were greatly outnumbered by people who didn't like them - populate or perish! It's pretty obvious why men were instructed in the Bible to avoid menstruating women - fear :)
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