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Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
This was 1960 Pol,and the left handed/devil thing was pretty previlent.There are some 17 th century writings of the Catholic Church that say Beelzebub baptized his followers with his left hand.They also say that devil worshipers greet each other with the left hand.Many faith associate the left hand with evil.
Given that Arabs, Turks and Persians have long wiped their bum with their left hand and water, and given that Judeo-Christian religion sprang from that area ... I'm just wondering if the roots of LH phobia could have come from there ... I can imagine the hand gaining a rep for disease and pestilence ...

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
So took all my cymbals - including hi hats - an additional cymbal stand, snare, pedal and sticks. Didnt take enough apparently.
From your description it seems "enough" would also include snare stand, bass drum & mounted toms. It could save you having to bring your hihat stand and floor tom, though :)
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