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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I'm amazed, Steve! I didn't know that sort of thing was still happening just ten years ago! *smile smile*
(may I borrow fifty bucks please?)

Seriously, that seems very old world. My Mum's school nuns were sadistic, bitter (probably plain and rejected) women too. But Mum was born in the 1920s ... your school days seem to be very olde worlde lol
This was 1960 Pol,and the left handed/devil thing was pretty previlent.There are some 17 th century writings of the Catholic Church that say Beelzebub baptized his followers with his left hand.They also say that devil worshipers greet each othe with the left hand.Many faith associate the left hand with evil.

Thank goodness that I've left religion behind.:)

Steve B
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