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Default reporting in (downer alert)

Hey everybody, a few days ago I reported in that my dad had been dealing with cancer and we were working like beavers outfitting the house to make him more comfortable. We were able to reach that goal, but unfortunately, his time of fighting is now over. Mom called me earlier today and told me he had to go into a hospice care house after a particularly rough evening at home and I just about lost it when she did the totally selfless act of issuing the 'do not resuscitate' order to the nurses. I suppose I should find comfort that he is no longer suffering and we must now prepare for burial.

Dad always seemed interested in what kind of gear I was playing at any one time, so the phat hats and 24" light ride will get their first gig at his service.

Thank you to those of you who've sent good vibes my way since that first post about it. I'll be checking in here as it's a respite from my reality right now, but I'll be a little busy the next few days.

If any of you haven't made peace with your loved ones, may I recommend you do so.
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