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Default Re: Girl drummers

Links please caz :)

BTW, are you coming to the London drum show next weekend? Call by if you are.
Hey there... hehe.. a girl drummer putting links on a thread about girl drummers trying to get views...!! It was kind of tongue in cheek what I said, if the videos I've got up were any good I'm sure they'd have more hits, the same goes for anyone. Ooh I may go the the drum show, where would I find you to say hello?

Yes, but you play jazz, Caz (with pizzazz :)
hehe thanks, pizzazz sounds a bit like pizzas so that must be a good thing!

Just curious but did you actually say anything along the lines of "girl drummer" in the video title?
No.. I wouldn't have thought it relevant. But to be fair there are times when it can be relevant for ads and things - some parents can prefer their daughters to get taught by female drummers. Also I remember Gregg Bissonette saying how important it is for drummers to be able to do backing vocals, and there have been a few times where people have got in touch wanting a female drummer because of a preference for female backing vocals. That's about it really...
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