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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Hats and belt buckles that big are never cool. :-)
: )

the hats and belt buckles are actually Mexican. when the settlers came to Texas, the Mexican inhabitants had already figured it out...what to do, and what to wear in order to be what we now refer to as a "cowboy". the settlers adopted the garb, as it made sense for the environment and work load at hand.

that said, also, not all Texans are ranchers nor are all into country music.

i've never been to Texas, but the one's i've met dress like we do here. some like hip hop. some like pop. some like metal and dress like you'd expect one to in order to represent their way of life.

sorry to be so heavy. : ) i can dig it. i recently saw a Scottish band and was surprised no one in the band was named Colin.

: )

i like their warmth and southern charm and kindness and sharp turn of phrase that always hits the nail on the head with humour to boot.

i was ordering some equipment once on the phone and i asked the operator about her area (i dig geography and sociology). i don't remember where she was, but noticing that i'm in North Carolina, the operator said that she liked talking to southerners as we are so polite....always saying yes ma'am and no ma'am, etc.

with a smile in my voice, i replied "Yes, Ma'am", in agreement.

mind you, i'm not going to Alabama to find a wife...but if one escapes....

i'd like to go to Texas though to see what's in the water that makes them so cool. not staying too long though, because i know how they vote.

: )
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