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I have respect for Tools drummer, and I liked the stuff from Creed, but all these others, I have never heard.

The reason I like Portnoy so much is his depth. There are albums they have that they play several different types and styles of music( listen to Change of seasons). He can go slow(which drives me crazy) and he can go fast. he can get technical, or play a little bluesy, or jazzy. I have learned 10 fold since I started playing DT. Hes not the fastest, the cleanest, or the most technical, but to say hes no good, to me is bold. I used to think I was a mediocre drummer, back when I played ONE from Metallica, and a little Pantera. But since I have stepped up to DT, I feel I am at least 2-3 times better.

One thing I have noticed though. If I dont play an album for awhile, say like Images and Words, and I go and try to play, Its like starting over. It might just be because I suck, but I only get about 2-3 hours practice a week.

I guess I need to try a few new groups, But im a little wearry of the crazy stuff. I have 3 kids and a wife who likes country(gag), so I have to keep it cool. I bought my Disturbed from Wal-mart because its edited. I dont get into the satanic stuff, or the really raw stuff, like Dio, or Zombie, but any bands along the lines od Tool, or Dream Theater, I would definately consider. Also I'll need band names, im not up on my drummers to much.

Im just a guy who likes to jam, I dont play in a band, never will. I like complex and crunchy music, and killer drums. Maybe someday my son will be a good drummer.
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