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Originally Posted by RockNGrohl View Post
The way I see it is these female youtube drummers are using their gender as novelty and getting hits based on their looks in a way. It may be working for them but also selling themselves short. I wonder why drummers like Meytal for example don't play in a great band or start one, record their own solos and compose their own musical stuff, when they are obviously talented enough. Why does it has to be covers? All they are doing is copying performances. They are showing great skill, yeah, but not using their own creativity. Where's the art and personality? And when they do lessons it seems like such rudimentary stuff you can get elsewhere. Why not show us something new? or unique? I'd be less inclined to say Meytal is playing the gender card if it didn't feel like she was getting away with average stuff, when she could be doing more. I hate seeing a female coast along and not play up their potential.

Look at Orianthi on guitar. She's powerhouse! She never gives 50% when she could probably get away with it theses days. She gives 110% and got the MJ gig to prove it! If gender is not an issue, why do so many female drummers get treated differently for mediocre talent when we as males would be ignored for being average? Good should be good, average should be average, and not have looks or gender be a factor.
Maybe they just like doing what they are doing.
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