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Default Re: Girl drummers

They're just drummers. How the rest of the world reacts can't be blamed on them.

Something that''s rarer will always get more attention, just because it's not the norm.

Foreign musicians get a bitmore attention in my country than the average Norwegian musician. When the double bass craze caught on about 10 years ago, the people who jumped on it got more attrention. It's just how things work especially in the entertainment business.

Now if a girl is obviously trying to play that card that's her choice. But, it would be hypocritical to not admit that men do the exact same thing.

When I went to the conservatory there was only two players that had a deep enough groove and song sensibility that I truly enjoyed playing with them. One was male and the other a female. She was the only girl drummer in that school and to my knowledge the only one ever.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's only 1 female drummer pr.1000 male drummers. That in itself makes it unique.

I'm to old to get excited by half naked children, so as with all musicians I have only one concern. Can they play? All that other stuff is for the tabloids to ponder.
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