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Default Re: My brand spanking new Mapex Saturn - Now with 100% more ROCK and 46% more ROLL

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
It came that way out of the box.

Even in most promotional pics you can notice some serious lug splay:
Funny thing is, I doubt you'd get a Mapex looking like that straight out of the box ;)

I like Ludwig snares, but there's absolutely no excuse for such shoddy quality control. If I paid that money for a snare, & it was like that out of the box, it would be going straight back to the supplier, & that's at almost any price point. Ok, the drum will still work in that condition, but don't let anyone tell you it's ok, it just isn't. Especially on those tube lugs (or any lug without inserts), in cases of serious splay, there's both premature thread wear & uneven shell strain issues.

Sorry Naige, back to your new kit. When are you recording with it?
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