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Yep RocknGrohl, a few utilise visuals to broaden their appeal. That's unheard of in music, eh? ;-) Who was last to completely disregard visuals? The old jazzers in the 50s and 60s? (with some notable exceptions).

Music is mostly an audio-visual experience - from face and body paint to opera masks to the big swing bands to sexy crooners to the hippie colour explosion to major rock productions to punk chic to quiffs with more gel than hair and steampunk outfits to the grunge look to dance and laser extravaganzas ... at home you had album cover art and music videos ... dance has been a common theme throughout ... usually the singers and the dancers are the attraction and the musos provide support.

Talk of music videos brings us back to Meytal. Her videos show her playing her instrument ... you don't see that too much in band video clips. She gets to stay at home and relax rather than touring. Not my thing - I find drum covers as boring as batsheet - but I think her head's screwed on the right way.


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