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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Just some eye candy, haha. A bunch of DIY bells, nice weather and some time on my hands... why not make some pics? ;-)

Have been thinking of some different/adjusted holder designs. Basically to cramp more of them on the same holder size (e.g. mounting 7 bells on a 5-way holder size bar) as many bells are rather small in diameter so that post distance of 10 cm seems too much. For those new holders I could use the remaining pieces from the 1 m aluminum bars. They could be attached as cross bars onto the main bar, the bells would be stacked at various heights for free access. Works in (my) theory...

Those from the bottom pics were rather uncomfortable to make. 4 bells didn't make it on the holders - see extra pic. I've stacked 'duplicate pitch' bells as those can be used alternatively but they do vary in sonic characteristics (different amount of harmonics) so swapping them actually makes some difference.

I've repolished a few bells yesterday. I had one bell that was just a litte flat to fit into a 'scale group' but I was surprised that the polishing brought up the pitch just as needed. So polishing has various effects, not just cosmetics.
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