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Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I kept telling him how good he did. He needed to hear that.
Larry, I feel terrible. I'm so caught up in my obsessive state right now, that I completely missed your post about your father's passing. I'm sorry for that, remiss of me.

The quote above tells me you're a good man, a good son. It told your father that too, and would certainly have provided him with a comfort so precious that it cannot be eclipsed. Beyond that, I cannot offer you any respite from the pain of your grief, other than the knowledge your father felt true love at that moment. Somewhat absurd that a highlight of life often comes in your last moments, but that doesn't detract from just how special that moment is.

Beyond that, I sincerely send you a hug through cyberspace, although that's a hollow vehicle to use. When we eventually meet, the most I can do is to make you laugh, & promote a momentary distraction from deeper thoughts. Until then, try to pick up on the reply your father would have given you if he were able. He did reply Larry, It's just a question of "hearing" his message in a different way.

My fondest thoughts to you my friend,

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