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Default Re: And....I'm back!!!!

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
From one paralegal to another, don't you wish we'd get just a teeny tiny fraction of that verdict as a "bonus"? Even 1%? Get you some Ludwig Legacy Classic in some kinda crushed glass or another. Just not fair :) Congrats though. I know how much work it is. You're "everything to everyone". Lunch fetcher, bag carrier, etc., etc.....
Yeah..I agree with ascessment.Your background and reasearch work is largely responsible for the big win here.Without your due dilligence,there could have been a whole host of courtroom surprizes(althought I love it when that happens.Your honor objection,side bar!!!)

I'm sure the motion to appeal was filed before you left the courthouse.

At any rate,glad it's over and you're back to your kit,and life in the real world,which we know a courtroom is not.:)

Steve B
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