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been doing MMA for the last 9-10 years. when i was training 3 days a week...massive endurance boost. but noticed i still needed to practice to keep the speed up. as in i could feel like i could play for days (cardio) but chops still needed more work.

some cons were injuries. i remember gigs the day of (point fighting) tournaments where i had fresh or nagging injuries...or i was pretty exhausted after grappling all day. still i was ok enough to never miss a gig. even 1 knee injury never too bad to miss anything. also had to be careful about certain submission techs like "goose necking" the wrist. just great guys / sensei so no worries about noobies injuring you.

RE boxing, just make sure you have very very good tech & definitely wear gloves the days you gig. dont overdo it.

i dont compete much any more...and break up the MMA w/ yoga.
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