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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

Won 2 more auctions... G.A.S. in progress.

- Paiste 101 16" Crash
- Sabian AA Chinese 14"
- Zildjian Z-Custom Rock Crash 18''
- Zildjian Z-Custom Rock Crash 16''

- UFIP (Earcreated Cymbals) Experience Series 12'' (2 drill holes, still 1 crack)
- Paiste 2000 Sound Reflection 16'' (big crack)
- Platin Drums 14'' (with dents)
- Zultan Aja Series 17'' (crack)

At one time I thought I don't need to make splashes but in retrospect, I should have made some splashes out of those 3 Sabians (out of that 4 cymbal auction) I modded recently - they were thin and I think this is great for splashes. Might make some splashes from now on.

PS: I've sold those 2 Meinl Generation x cymbals. But will get a 2nd pair of hihats - that's why I modified those 2 GenX in the first place, they just didn't really work out as such.

To comply with this thread I'll record new samples from the fresh bells. Some vids would be nice, too. For the vids I'll present the bells grouped into families/scales.
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