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Default Re: Custom Drumstix: Legit or Ripoff?

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
From what I understand, there have been several customers that have not received a refund for orders placed.
The first court date did not go well for the person on the the orders/office/website end of the business.

The next court date is in Sept.

I would make/start a claim with PayPal, or through your CC. I had to do this for some mic clips I purchased from a company, and it went smoothly with PP & my CC company.

You'll need to have your emails, PP/CC correspondent dates, order confirmation numbers etc... handy to give to the CC/PP reps.

I will keep anyone interested posted (PM) when the person doing the sticks gets going again. I will be buying from/endorsing him. The craftsmanship, and wood quality is phenomenal.

Not sure yet if the name of the company will stay with him though, but he had it before the partnership came into being.
Yeah then the next will be in October. Full of shit company!
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